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Post-Truth & Justice


Thanks to its vibrant background that harmonizes motley elements from a variety of cultures and weltanschauungen, KAIHLMUN’18 is awaiting you to have your life spiced up both academically and socially for four days whether you’re a regular MUNer or a newbie!

KAIHLMUN’18 Conference Letter

Highly revered visitors,

               It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the third annual session of Kartal Anadolu Imam Hatip High School International Model United Nations Conference. I am Üsame Kiyak and it is a distinct honour for me to serve you as the Secretary-General of KAIHLMUN’18 which will take place on February 22nd-25th, 2018 in Istanbul Medeniyet University Göztepe Campus.

KAIHLMUN’18 is a trilingual conference that will allow participants to investigate the history and take the lead to the future with its speculative committees. In this conference delegates are given the opportunity to approach agendas from different aspects and come to a consensus after deliberation. The aim here is to generate an atmosphere where students are not insusceptible to current crises and find solutions which are winnowed from ineligible denouements.

We set the theme of the conference as “Post-Truth and Justice” with the aim of emphasising the cases in which appeals to emotion; personal interests are more important than objectivity; and the effect of post-truth on skewing justice. While we will observe our cherry-picked agendas in the light of the truth and justice and focus on the importance of, not only on legal, but also on customary law. Besides, world is a place where the truths are hidden and we are coming to a period that is full of lies as George Orwell said: “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Therefore, with the theme having been set as per above, we strive to underline the significance of the truth and comport it accordingly.

KAIHLMUN’18 comprises eight committees that are being worked on by master of their domain Under Secretary-Generals and advancing assistants to make sure you have a magnificent experience.

           We are going to simulate two futuristic committees that will give the opportunity to shape the future to our participants, namely “United Nations Futuristic Security Council” which is going to offer chance to query and bring about a change for structure of UNSC in 2038.

“High Commission on Science and Technology: Artificial Intelligence” that will take place in 2040 with the aim of making enormous strides in artificial intelligence. This committee will enhance our delegates’ troubleshooting skills with numerous crises that they will face and combat in sessions.

We are going to have two historical committees which let the participants disclose the hidden parts of history and rewrite it, that we offer you as Joint Crisis Cabinet and Divan-ı Hümayun (Ottoman Turkish).

In Joint Crisis Cabinet, we will take the participants back to 1980s to witness sociocultural, political and socialist interventions that were implemented by Soviet Union on Afghanistan with United States of America in the backstage.

Divan-ı Hümayun will welcome the participants to 1526 from the period of War of Mohàcs with its appealing authentic look that is provided by historical costumes and equipments which will make you feel like a renowned and a proud pasha for a travel in Ottoman history.

We will also be entertaining you four committees that are concerning recent agendas to present you a different and new perspective, which are United Nations Cyprus Talks, United Nations Human Rights Council, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (Arabic) and United Nations Global Dependence Committee.

United Nations Cyprus Talks Committee will try to get rid of the deadlock between Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Republic of Cyprus with a deliberative and a prudent negotiation and viewpoints of participating delegates under main headings such as economy, socio-culture, politics, etc.

Delegates of United Nations Human Rights Council will argue upon violation of human rights in Yemen and Egypt after revolutions and will deliver solutions to entrammel the ensnaring oppressions on innocent civilians.

The political intercourse between the Muslim Countries have been deteriorating since the Qatar-Gulf Crisis thus to further ensure the stabilization among the Muslim world, “Organization of Islamic Cooperation” committee will endeavor to ravel out the dragged on crisis that have caused an inutile dispute. Likewise, as many Muslim countries over the Middle East have lead to destruction due to many exhaustive conflicts throughout the region, the agenda is also set to supply the reconstruction of the Middle East, to rehabilitate the devastation of war-worn regions.

Last but not least, in “United Nations Global Dependence Committee”, which intends to indicate the problematic separatist regions to the world, delegates will be called to contemplate on the fate of the autonomous regions across the Globe, then design and propose amendments to the constitutions and laws of both regional powers and international bodies.

We, as KAIHLMUN Club, have set our heart on to make this conference both fruitful and joyful for you. As a team, we are single-hearted and working hard to create an atmosphere where your thoughts matter and to make the dreams come true with the attitude Colin Powell mentioned: “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

I am looking forward to serving you as your Secretary General in KAIHLMUN’18.


Üsame Kiyak

Secretary-General of KAIHLMUN’18


Kartal Anadolu Imam-Hatip High School