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KAIHLMUN’16 Conference Letter

Highly regarded visitor,

It is my absolute pleasure and distinct honour to extend my appreciation for all participants of the very first session of Kartal Anadolu Imam Hatip High School International Model United Nations Conference (KAIHLMUN) that took place June 2nd-5th, 2016 in the Istanbul office of Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA).

KAIHLMUN ’16 is a remarkable offshoot that derived itself from the course of intellectual cultivation of KAIHLMUN Club with three years’ experience in global studies, international extra-curriculars and surely, Model UN simulations.

The changes in the story of the world is not really different to that of an individual life. It has its ups and downs, it weathers storms, it learns, it matures and it evolves. We believe that we as individuals are the ones bringing the world up to what it is now, our words, our cogitations, our work for auspicious todays and hope for the future where the children of tomorrow dream away in the wind of change. With this in mind, the theme of the very first session of KAIHLMUN was set as “Change the Change”.

“In 20th century, while we were beginning to develop an endangered species movements, we didn’t have an endangered people’s movement.”

This is how Samantha Power referred to the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide as she quite poignantly drew distinction to how we as the world failed in the operationalisation of “never again” albeit culturally owning the idea inspired by her words, we wanted this year’s theme to ignite your mind with critical thoughts about how well the change is accordingly managed and how directly we’re heading to our destination.

KAIHLMUN’16 held six committees that were served in the best way possible to satisfy you.

We simulated three General Assembly committees, namely Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee, Disarmament and International Security Committee and Territorial Disputes Committee where the participants had the opportunity to have a better grasp of the ongoing situation of the entire globe and analyse the outcome of the era the world is evolving into.

We had three Specialised Agencies the first two of which let the participants discover the hidden parts of history and make critical changes that might turn the world inside out.

In Historical Security Council, we took the participants back to 2011 to witness the first sparks that culminated in 2016’s Syria in as much as to garner a thorough, cross-comparative and comprehensive perspective on the ongoing situation in Syria.

Divan-ı Hümayun welcomed the participants with its groundbreaking structure that experienced delegates, in this case Divan Members, embraced with the help of their fluency in Ottoman Turkish, knowledge in Turkish History and enthusiasm to conquer Istanbul.

Last but not the least, Human Rights Council was held in Arabic and gathered for the matters the

Arab world is more preoccupied with than the rest, ergo fluency in Arabic in means of developing

a better understanding was required for delegates wishing to apply.

“If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul”

I am rather chaffed to know that the participants never regretted their glance at historic, vibrant and renowned Istanbul while enjoying the international structure of KAIHLMUN ’16, which allowed them to embellish their MUN experience with its diverse background and discover motley and broad ways of thinking.

Every thought deserves a voice and every one deserves to be heard. We believe that we are the ones to turn this cacophonous music into a melody of unity.

We are as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. Only together, is the world a better place.

I was more than honoured to have served as the Secretary General in the very first edition of KAIHLMUN.

Nurbanu Hayır

Nurbanu Hayır – Secretary General

Rüveyda Şahyar – Director General

Seher Gülru Gülaçar – Deputy Secretary General

Ayşenur Kurtulmuş – Deputy Secretary General

Mahmud Sami Akçay – President of the General Assembly

Academic Team

Muhammet Ali Güldalı – Head of Academic Team

Armağan Şencan – Academic Team Member

Asyahan Kardeş – Academic Team Member

Eymen Ünay – Academic Team Member

Fatmanur Sağban – Academic Team Member

Feyzanur Kaya – Academic Team Member

Hasan Yacı – Academic Team Member

Rana Bayram – Academic Team Member

Sena Azizoğlu – Academic Team Member

Logistics Team

Mustafa Aksoy – Head of Logistics Team

Halise Rana Yüm – Logistics Team Member

Kerem Kamiloğlu – Logistics Team Member

Ömer Öztürk – Logistics Team Member

Harun Selman Karakaş – Logistics Team Member

Public Relations Team

Zeynep Hüma Demirci – Head of Public Relations Team

Mehmet Kağan Adıgüzel – Public Relations Team Member

Information Technology Team

Muhammed Emin Altunel – Head of IT Team

Mehmet Enes Bilici – Head of IT Team

Ömer Faruk Sezgin – Head of IT Team

Finance Team

Mehmet Ali Şahan – Head of Finance Team

Abdurrahman Emirhan Ünal – Finance Team Member

Press Team

Elif Nur Karatas – Head of Press Team

Muhammed Kerem Can – Head of Press Team

Mehmet Kuşgöz – Press Team Member

Ahmet Emre Safsoy – Press Team Member

Evra Ercan – Press Team Member

Eyüp Berk Utku – Press Team Member

Asude Kaplan – Press Team Member

Kerem Sezen – Press Team Member

Merve Karagözoğlu – Press Team Member

Müfit Sina Kırmızı – Press Team Member

Nesibe Acungan – Press Team Member

Ömer Faruk Kumru – Press Team Member

Zehra Boşal – Press Team Member

Zeynep Sarı – Press Team Member

Zeynep Ünal – Press Team Member

Faruk Sartık – Press Team Member

Mehmet Emin Güngör – Press Team Member

Ruken Özkaya – Press Team Member

Sueda Candan – Press Team Member

Administrative Staff

Üsame Kiyak – Head of Administrative Staff


Seher Gülru Gülaçar
Seher Gülru GülaçarDeputy-Secretary-General
Fatmanur Banu Hayır
Fatmanur Banu HayırSecretary-General
Rüveyda Şahyar
Rüveyda ŞahyarDirector-General