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        Welcome Letter

Highly revered visitor,

It is my utmost contentment to invite you to the second session of Kartal Anadolu Imam Hatip High School International Model United Nations Conference (KAIHLMUN) that will take place March 9-11, 2017 in Kartal Anadolu Imam Hatip High School campus.

From their very onset, MUN conferences have always been events that spur the growth of varied ideas on some of the most struggling stigmas our world is facing. Owing to this precious quality they hold, MUNs are a notable component of an intellectually competent outlook, which Kartal Anadolu Imam Hatip High School had the opportunity to have since last year. Having welcomed students of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds from 14 different countries in KAIHLMUN’16, we, as the KAIHLMUN Team members, are fortunate to have done our best to serve this purpose. With an even elevated motivation in this regard, we are proud to present you KAIHLMUN’17, in which we intend to delve further into political reflections of the concept of intervention in relation to human dignity.

By virtue of its broad use, intervention may refer to numerous actions from military interference to a completely subtle economic interposition actualised with use of the relative structure of the world’s free market economy. Regardless of the difference in the forms it takes, it has always been the same ignorance pertaining to human dignity that is consistent within the notion of intervention.

Accordingly, this is what we aim to have a lucid perception of with the aspiration of laying the ground for exuberant approaches in this conference. “In a battle between force and an idea, the latter always prevails.”

Ludwig von Mises

Encouraged by this dictum, we have constructed KAIHLMUN’17 on 6 committee pillars, each of which is meticulously formulated as an endeavour to accommodate our objective. Although the changes created by economic moves seem quite indistinct, they are the ones with the potential to have serious social consequences. With this in mind, we have designated ECOSOC for our participants to catch the nuances in this regard to be capable of transforming reality. What’s more, with the intention of expanding the vehement discussion on the Syrian Civil War that KAIHLMUN’16 Security Council witnessed, participants this year are expected to probe the Arab Spring from its very beginning, while having the opportunity to rewrite history in the territory. For the MUNers who are not that passionate about international relations, we have also carried our ardor to a national level, presenting you House of Commons of the UK, as it is right after the Brexit referendum.

Still, if all the realistic character in these bother you, Solvay Conference is the spot you should be at. Far from the purely political structure in other committees, this is where our honourable participants will have the chance to act as scientists and reshape the world from an MUNly exceptional perspective.

While keeping our conference dominantly English, SOCHUM, which will be simulated in Arabic, will remain invaluable to our Arabic-speaking participants with its momentous agenda item: Syrian Civil War and refugee crisis.

Last but not least, the Turkish committee will sustain its thrill through another adventurous journey in Middle Ages.

We, as KAIHLMUN Team, are more than eager to play a role in an effort to create an atmosphere where the strength of ideas will outweigh force, which is only possible with you accompanying us. I’m looking forward to serving you as your Secretary General in KAIHLMUN’17.


Seher Gülrü Gülaçar

Finance Team

Mehmet Kagan Adıgüzel-Head of Finance

Academic Team

Academic Team Members:

Mehmed Fatih Izgi

Ahmet Emre Safsoy

Asyahan Kardes

Eyüp Berk Utku

Enes Sefa Çetin

Logistics Team

Logistics Team Members:

Zeynep Nihal Kılıç

Ahmet Akın

Muhammed Enes Onus

Abdurrahman Emirhan Ünal

Üsame Kiyak-Head of Logistics

Entertainment Team

Entertainment Team Member:

Ömer Faruk Akkaya

Ömer Öztürk-Head of Entertainment Team

Public Relations Team

Public Relations Team Members:

Zehra Bosal

Meryem Tayyibe Isbilir

Ayse Vildan Çelik

Aysenur Gökçe

Gafire Rana Çelebi

Meryem Hifa Keskin

Rümeysa Yenel

Sümeyra Karacan

Züleyha Alat

Halise Rana Yüm-Head of Public Relations Team

Press Team

Press Team Members:

Aysenur Kurtulmus

Evra Ercan

Zehra Sekizkardes

Hale Taspınar

Müfit Sina Kırmızı

Hale Nur Saraçbası

Mehmet Kusgöz

Nurefsan Okur

Rana Canan Cömert

Zeynep Ruken Özkaya

Zeynep Sarı

Elif Nur Karatas-Head of Press Team

IT Team

IT Team Members:

Ahmet Kaya

Enes Bilici

Mehmed Emin Altunel-Head of IT Team

Muhammet Kerem Can & Arda Göktas

Heads of the Administrative Staff


Mehmed Ali Şahan
Mehmed Ali ŞahanDeputy-Secretary-General
Seher Gülru Gülaçar
Seher Gülru GülaçarSecretary-General