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Afghanistan has always been one of the most challenging regions to conquer due to its geographically-challenged, tough environment. However, it has been a focus of interest throughout history because of its geopolitical location and in the 20th century, several superpower countries such as USSR and Great Britain swept across the strategic Middle Asia, while they were also trying to keep a deliberate distance between themselves. Afghanistan was the buffer area between these countries and became a kingdom after the successful resistance against British forces. During the cold war period, Afghanistan became the backyard of the Soviets, especially after the Iranian revolution, with the risk of political Islam spreading to Afghanistan and then to the Muslim populations under Soviet control.

With the invitation of Pro-Soviet Afghan government, whom came in power with the Saur Revolution, -the coup that empowered the Soviet supported junta- Leonid Brezhnev, who was the General Secretary of the CCCPSU then, ordered Soviet troops to be deployed in Afghanistan with a puppet government in Kabul.

Within the day that the Soviet Union mounted an invasion to Afghanistan, 24th December 1979, the resistance was taken in a whole new level, a holy war among the Afghan Muslims. USSR’s preoccupation in Afghanistan was something that USA couldn’t miss which set the -Cold- Proxy War. USA started swiftly to support the Mujahideen, technically and tactically with armament, through Pakistan. During the war between the Red Army and Mujahideen both sides remained active with the USA usually trying to stay behind the scenes adopting a passive-active strategy.

In this committee participants will re-animate the soul of the Soviet-Afghan war, as real personalities from various factions that had a concrete effect on the proceeding of the war. Knowledge and leadership abilities will be tested in various areas, within the sessions full of interactive debate, secret meetings, negotiations and decisions. Join the ranks, be a part of this war and push your limits to test your leadership abilities! Heed the call of Soviets with your socialist understanding, unite with western powers led by US or fight for your country and freedom with your brothers!

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Soviet-Afghan War -1978-

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