United Nations Global Dependence Committee

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In February 15, 2018, United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution concerning the continuous havoc in the conflicts due to increasing demand of independence of separatist groups worldwide, inconsistent national interests and desire of regional domination. The resolution strongly recommends for an imminent formation of the United Nations Global Dependence Committee (UNGDC) which would focus on increasing economic interdependence, military projection and cooperation on maintaining regional peace and unity, and preventing or minimizing conflictual costs.

As separatists groups got stronger and more active throughout the globe, civil unrests, rebellions and illegal declarations of independence thus conflicts, police brutality and strict measures became common. From the reasons which are illegal in regards to the international law such as economics, ethnic, culture, history or political interests to the rightful causes of independence in result of continuous violation of human rights, unlawful treatment and struggling with below average life quality, many had been shown as the explanations for the desire of independence for over two-hundred autonomous regions in every known present civilization. At the first meeting of United Nations Global Dependence Committee, the agenda is set to examine the major problematic regions to indicate the accordance to the international law, design measures and propose amendments to constitutions and laws of both regional powers and international bodies.

Agenda Item

Designing measures and/or conditions For or Against the Independence of Autonomous Regions

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Under Secretary-General

  • Mehmet Fatih İzgi


Academic Assistants:

  • Nisanur Kepceler
  • Necati Işık