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After the decision on United Nations Commission on Human Rights was not efficient anymore, the UN Human Rights Council was founded in 2006. UNHRC is an inter-governental body just like other committees and its motive is to provide peace and strenghten the human rights throughout the world and adressing situations and making recommendations on the cases where the most fundamental rights are violated. Presently, it consists of 47 member states and the scope of UNHRC holds the power to build institutions as well as having special rapporteurs. It is one of the most crucial bodies amongst others in the United Nations due to the massive damages that humanity and human rights have been taking in the last decade.

Committee will be discussing one of the most disastrous and crucial outcomes in the history: Post-revolutionary violations of Human Rights in Yemen & Egypt; the violations which have caused big conflicts, controversies and even wars in the region. Considering this, in a world where the greatest technologies are invented and fastest developments are happening second-by-second; unfortunately we still see a great lack in the protection of a lot of essential rights by governments. We expect all the delegates with the brightest ideas to debate on and try to come out with the greatest solutions that will enlighten the path towards a better future for everyone; in order not to leave anyone behind.

Agenda Item

Emphasizing the post-revolutionary violations of the Human Rights in Yemen & Egypt

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Under Secretary-General

  • İlkyaz Deniz Bilgiç


Academic Assistants:

  • Asude Karadeniz
  • Kemal Yalçın